Environmental law

Environmental law is central to anyone engaged in industrial or other activities with effects on the environment. The rate of change is fast and affects many aspects of companies' daily lives.

Water operations

Water law has been an important area of practice for Alrutz since the beginning, and we have profound experience in the field.

Mining law

The mining industry is heavily regulated, with the Minerals Act and the Environmental Code being the most central parts.

Energy law

Few things are possible today without electricity. The so-called energy law is regulated by a variety of legal acts, of which the Electricity Act, and its important right of concession, is one of the main components.

Contaminated land and water

Remediation of pollution damage and serious environmental damage, i.e. the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and water areas, are important parts of the environmental law.


Environmental law is extensive and changing. Bringing in external competence improves the organization's knowledge, and facilitates decision-making in day-to-day business.

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