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Environmental issues are strategically important in many businesses. At Alrutz, we are committed to sustainable development for both the environment and industry by offering solid expertise in our practice fields.

Our history

Environmental issues can be complex and increasingly challenging. EU regulations set the tone, but the national legislation is still very important.

Getting the right permits with reasonable conditions, is a key issue. This applies to traditional manufacturing industries, such as pulp, paper, iron and steel, but also to energy plants, infrastructure projects, etc.

Effective management of the legal processes related to environmental permits, is important for the best possible progress of the operation. This may involve increasing production, broadening the range of products, modernizing the facilities, or establishing new ones, and implementing necessary changes.

Time is a crucial factor. An application for an environmental permit takes time, which affects, among other things, the international competitiveness of the operations.
At Alrutz, we work for efficient management within the existing framework.

Our focus is the operators, who can be both private and publicly owned. It is their perspective we take and their business we engage in. We do not work for authorities or stakeholders. This makes us independent and reduces the risk of conflicts of interest.

We are lawyers, but we also know about technology. Like the firm's founder Otto R. Alrutz, we all have a strong interest in the interaction between technology and law and its impact on the client's business. Cooperations with our clients are often so long that they are counted in decades.

We think it is a privilege to work closely with our clients and to contribute to their progress.”

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